Wear Your Colours

The images on this page were the first part of a project where with the support of a talented young photographer, Charley Rose, I am looking to capture what it means to wear the colours of your Service.  The Army Rugby Union, and Head Coach Burnie Burnard, very kindly gave us access to the changing room immediately after the match.  We were conscious not to take too much of the players time and had set up a small studio using Profoto lights after the players left the changing room at half time.  We wanted players to be wearing their cap, so symbolic of representative sport,  even though some had been awarded their years before.  Similarly in many of the images you will see the ARU logo on the blazer badge.  We also wanted to take the pitcures immediately after the match so that the grime of the match, or in the case on Dan Tooth, the injury sustained in the match was authentic.  Charley captured another of different poses to give the images a different feel and I have done post production on this selection.  Charley will be doing her own edits as we both look to interpret the players.  We hope to undertake another shoot next season and further improve how we create the portraits of the players.

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