The Tunnel Wait

Prior to the Army's last match on the first day of the 2018 Rugbytown7s I took the opportunity to take some images of the team as they waited in the tunnel.  The format in sevens tournaments is that at half time during the match before yours the toss of the coin is conducted, then when there are a couple of minutes of the second half left both teams have to be waiting ready to enter on the pitch pretty quickly after the previous match finishes.

Teams and players both deal with this time quite differently.  Each have their own way of trying to keep focussed on the match about to start but also to remain relaxed and not to waste too much emmotional energy.  With a game going on there is, for those near the front of the line, the opportunity to catch some of the play but for most it remains a time for mental rehersal and self reflection / visualisation.

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