Andy Sangar MBE - Army Senior XV Head Coach

The 'Management'

Behind the Team You Find The Team

Interview any coach and they will tell you it is about the players.  And it is!  However it falls on the shoulders of the coaching team to ensure that the players can fulfil their individual promise, express their undoubted talent and also, most importantly, become a cohesive, effective team.

The lights at Cambridge University are not the best in the world.  So I knew that the images produced would have a heavy grain.  I took the opportunity of the first Senior XV game of the season to seek to capture the coaching team in action pre match.  Simply working around their drills with a 300mm lens wide open at f2.8 the aim was to produce some portraits that had expression and interest in them but also placed each coach 'in the shadows' as a nod to not taking the limelight away from the players.

Images by Geraint Ashton Jones, Alligin Photography

Lee Soper - Army Senior XV Forwards Coach
Mal Roberts - Army Senior XV Backs Coach
Andy Harvey - Army Senior XV Conditioning Coach
Darryl Ball - Army Senior XV Coach