The Warm Down

After 14 minutes of intense activity it is time for the mandatory warm down.  For the Army Sevens after their third game it was a quick turnaround before they were to play again in the final match of day 1 of the Rugbytown7s.  Watching the warm down is always intriguing.  After the group component of stretches there is a period of individual stretching.  For some this is the time when humour and relaxation comes back to the athlete.  However in Sevens there is always activity on the pitch so for others the need to check out future opponents remains a captivating spell.

Last year when I was with the team I took some warm down images with a 200mm lens.  This allowed me to be partially detached from the players.  This year I wanted to create a slightly different feel so for these images I used an 85mm lens wide open at f1.4 I have to thank the players for their trust in allowing me to work amongst them mid tournament and whilst they are warming down.  It is a priviledge that is appreciated.