Meeting the Player Behind the Image

One of the images that grabbed quite a bit of attention from this years RugbyTown7s was the black and white image of Army Rugby Union Seven's player Iggy Putty.  Later I will explain a little about creating the image but first, and more importantly, a little about the man who wears the shirt. 

Ignatius 'Iggy' Putty

The Army Seven's team is a multi cultural one and South Africa born Iggy brings with him the proud heritage of Highveld rugby; a heritage where the historically hard pitches have long produced rugby players suited to the shortened version of the game.

He made his Army Sevens debut in 2011, a year after joining the British Army.  Since then he has become a regular within the Army Rugby Sevens squad and RugbyTown7s 2017 was his third Colorado tournament.  In 2016 he was part of the team that won the Plate Competition whilst this year the side finished 4th overall being knocked out by Fiji at the semi final stage.  One of the more slight members of the Army Seven's team Iggy is often used as one of their key playmakers and link players with the ball regularly being fed through him in centre field.  His vision and elusive style will often find him breaking clear himself or creating an opening for others to exploit.

Professionally Iggy is a Corporal in the Royal Logistics Corps as a Logistics Supply Specialist.  Currently he is serving with the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards and regularly represents both his unit and his Corps at rugby when professional duties allow.

Making the Image

I was keen during the tournament to get some images that stood out from the usual action shots on the pitch.  Iggy stands out on and off the pitch as a larger than life character helped of course by his shaven head.  The opportunity arose during the second day when the Army's match was scheduled early evening as the sun was just below the horizon and the Glendale Stadium's lights were now the main lighting source.  Having gone through their warm up routine at the end of the pitch all the squad had a good glow on and were ready for the match to come.  I noticed that the sweat on Iggy was standing out and the light illuminating from above was providing a good reflection on his sweat covered head. This created the two images at the bottom of the page but I had noticed that when Iggy was re-hydrating he was been perfectly lit from the North West corner floodlight tower.  The next time he went for his water bottle I took the opportunity to get the image I was looking for and was greatly helped when Iggy held the bottle just far enough away from his face to add more interest to the shot.

All Images and Text by Geraint Ashton Jones [Alligin Photography]