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Enjoy Your Rugby

Trp Alex Foster, the Army U23 XV openside flanker, celebrates a score with team mate Cfn Rory Walker.  The image by Lee Crabb [Scrumpix Images] captures a moment that is found throughout sport, the emotional high following a score or a win or even just a great passage of play.

However sport remains far more that these brief moments and rugby has always looked to broaden the individual player through the discipline of playing a physical contact sport.  The increasing physical nature of the sport bring to the fore even more the need to ensure that some of the fundamental values of the Game are actively promoted.

With an attention to Respect, Teamwork, Discipline and Sportsmanship it is easy to see why the Army Rugby Union and the wider British Army understand how much value there is in developing their young soldiers partly through rugby union.  

This page is a black and white photo story captured at the Army U23 XV match against London Scottish which focuses a little on the final value 'Enjoyment' and the camaraderie fostered throughout rugby union and Service life.

"The Engine Room" Locks Spr Alex Moore and Sig Austin Horatio prepare to pack down in a scrum
"In to the lime light' No longer hid at the back of the photo above Rory Walker carries strongly.
"Words of Wisdom" Coach, SSgt Dave Bates, a full Army capped player gets his message across to the team.

The camera freezes the moments with some interesting expressions on the faces of Rory Walker and Sig John Daventanivalu as they are captured with ball in hand but below, with LCpl Dan Coombes on hand the image shows the desire from Walker and Coombes to support team mate Daventanivalu as he produces a deft off load out of the back of the hand.

And finally after all the commitment shown by the players and the game is done, the togetherness of the team remains.  And in any team there are always a couple who know when the camera is around.  Maj Nigel Hinton and Spr Marcus Mercer after a successful day for the team as part of their 2017 Inter Service preparations.