Army Rugby Union Partner - iPRO

Whether in their professional lives as British Soldiers, or as accomplished sportsmen, all of the Army players realise the importance of hydration to produce best performance.  Since May 2017 the Army Rugby Union has partnered with iPRO ["Integrity" & "PROfessionalism"]; who are fast becoming the leading supplier of isotonic sports drinks to the world of sport.  iPRO Sports drinks meet all of the requirement of the British Army Rugby Union's representative teams and provide the reassurance that all their products meet both the World Anti Doping Authority and the Ministry of Defence's strict anti doping and compulsory drug testing specifications.  Entering the first full XV-a-side season together iPRO and the Army Rugby Union are convinced that the iPRO range of isotonic sports drink will assist the Army teams to produce performances at the very best of the players abilities.

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One of the perks of the jobs for the hard working Kit Technician - Jamie Doig.