Photo Stories produced for the Army Rugby Union by Alligin Photography

This page is an archive of the various photo stories produced by Alligin Photography as part of it's on going support to the Army Rugby Union Media Portal.  The aim of the photo stories is to give a different perspective to the action images that are produced from the many matches that are captured by the various photographers.

Leading Front The Front

A new captain for the Senior XV's 1st game of 2019

Service for the Fallen

A moving Act of Remembrance at Rugbytown7s for all fallen Service rugby players.

The Tunnel Wait

Before their run out for the match players reflect as they wait in the tunnel.

The Warm Down

Black and White view of the pitchside warm down

A Positive First Impression

7 images telling the tale of the opening match at 2018 Rugbytown7s

Breaking the Stalemate

A selection of images from RAF Women v Army Women featuring Lou Dodds

Le Crunch - Stu Cross

A selection of images from Le Crunch 2018 - French Army v British Army

The Demands I Make.................

A selection of images from East London - British Police v Army

It's Not Always Champagne Moments

A selection of images from an evening of hard graft for Army Women

Players Behind the Shirt

A selection of images and short bio of players who wear the Army shirt.

The 'Management'

Pre match portraits of the Senior XV Coaching Team

Inside The Scrum

A different perspective when photographing the scrum

A View From the Technical Zone

A slightly different perspective from the U23XV match v RAF U23XV

Strobe Lights at Live Matches

A Look at What May be achievable when using strobe light at rugby matches

Spotlight on Physicality

Action images with a sharp focus on the physical aspects of Army Women v South Africa

Enjoy Your Rugby

A short photo story featuring the ARU's U23XV v London Scottish

IPRO - Isotonic

'iPRO - Official Isotonic Drink to the Army Rugby Union' a photo story by Geraint Ashton Jones, photographer Lee Crabb

Iggy Putty - Army Sevens

1st Part of the Player Who Wears the Shirt Series

Remembering the Fallen

'World Rugby Memorial to Fallen Rugby Players' a photo story by Geraint Ashton Jones, photographer Lee Crabb

Try Time

Creating 'Try Time' a photo story by Geraint Ashton Jones, photographer Lee Crabb

2017 RugbyTown7s

Team in Union, photo story by photographer Geraint Ashton Jones